When you revive a call from investigator(Korean Criminal procedure 3)

What to do if one day you, as a foreigner in Korea, receive a phone call from an investigator telling you that you are going to be investigated in relation to a crime? If you can afford a lawyer, you can tell the investigator that you will contact him back again after hiring one. However, […]

Detention, Arrest, Confinement in Korea(Korean Criminal Procedure 2)

Today we will take a look at the procedure that may let you get released if you were detained and how the investigation is going to proceed if you were not.   Ways to get released if you were detained When you get detained, the arrest is usually made by giving you an arrest warrant […]

How possibly Can I be detained in Korea(Korean Criminal procedure 1)

Our law office is a firm specializing, among other areas of law, in criminal matters regarding foreigners. Our managing partner, Mr. Simon D. Lee, has been certified as an expert criminal defense attorney by the Korean Bar Association.   We will start a new series consisting of 4 articles that will be published throughout the […]

What are the F-2-7 and F-2-99 visas?

Today we are entering another mini-series of articles by Pureum Law Office. This time we will discuss two sub-types of F-2 visa: F-2-7 and F-2-99. First, we are going to shed some light on the F-2-7 visa, also known as the long-term residency point-based visa or simply point-based visa (one of them), and next time […]

Simon D. Lee officially certified as an Expert Criminal Defense Attorney!

Korea Bar Association Certifies Simon D. Lee an “Expert Criminal Defense Attorney” Due to the huge number of criminal cases where attorney Simon D. Lee demonstrated an outstanding performance and exceptionally good results, in 2019 he was officially registered as an expert attorney in criminal law at the Korean Bar Association, an honor given to […]

Alimony, custody, child support and the loss of F-6 visa in Korea

In the previous articles of PLO we have talked about whether it is possible for a foreigner to get a divorce in Korea, what the procedure and time frames are and what the grounds for a judicial divorce can there be. This time we are going to take a look at the connection between the […]

Legal grounds for divorce by trial in Korea

Pureum Law Office has previously discussed whether it was possible to get a divorce in Korea, what the procedure is like and how long it takes, as well as different types of divorce, such as divorce by agreement, by mediation and by trial. Today we are going to talk about Legal grounds that let you […]