Exchanging Foreign Driver’s License for a Korean One

Exchanging a Foreign Driver’s License for a Korean One

Our office receives a lot of inquiries related to the exchange of a national (foreign) driver’s license for a Korean one.

Can I Drive in Korea with US License | Or from Another Country?

This is a relatively straightforward process that is the same for most countries. A registered foreigner in Korea may apply for the issuance of a Korean license based on his/her national one by submitting the following documents to a Driver’s License Test Centers located throughout Korea:

  1. Valid foreign driver’s license
  2. Apostilled copy of license or a Confirmation Certificate from the relevant Embassy (not issued for the nationals of the US, the UK, Hong Kong, Finland, the Netherlands, Columbia, etc.)
  3. Passport (if the driver’s license was issued by a third country, it is necessary to provide proof of long-term (over 90 days) residence in that country).
  4. Entry/Exit Records for the period from the date of birth to now. Can be issued by a Community Center, Gu-office, Immigration Office.
  5. Alien Registration Card
  6. Three color photos (3.5cm x 4.5cm)
  7. Issuance fee (varies depending on testing center, ranges KRW 10,000-12,500).

Please note that it is not possible to have a foreign document apostilled in South Korea, so if you cannot procure a Confirmation Certificate from your Embassy or Consulate in Korea, you will have to process an apostille for a driver’s license in the country of its origin.

Korean Drivers License Test

If you are unable to complete the aforementioned, you can opt to take a Korean driver’s license test.

Drive safe!

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