f-2-99 korean visa

Have You Been in Korea for 5 Years?

Have you been in Korea for 5 consecutive years? Do you know what F-2-99 Visa is?

If you’ve been here for 5 years you should!

F-2-99 Visa grants you residential status in Korea, thereby allowing you to stay long-term and work freely. If you meet the financial requirements, followed the laws and want to settle in Korea, consider changing your status to F-2-99!

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3 thoughts on “Have You Been in Korea for 5 Years?

  1. Tamang angel says:

    Me and my wife we have been living in korea continuously for 5 years . My wife in D2 visa and I am on F3 visa. Is it possible for both of us to change to f-99? If not it is possible for one of us?

  2. sam says:

    Thanks a lot for the info!
    I am on E-7 Visa been in Korea for more than 6 years! and a am on Level 3 on( KIIP program), dose KIIP level 3 equal Topik level 2?

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