Happy Lunar New Year!

Hello Expats in Korea! We sincerely hope you have a wonderful time for Lunar New year Holidays in Korea even thought you may be away from your Family. We do not open on 15th(THU), 16th(FRI) but you can reach us via email for urgent criminal issues. Thanks for your attention. 새해복 많이 받으세요(SaeHaeBok Manee Bat-eu-se-yo)! […]

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How to Apply for the Korean F5 Permanent Residency Visa While on a Spousal Visa (F6)

Never visit immigration again with the “Holy Grail” of Korean visas. One of our most common inquiries is whether someone can apply for the F-5 visa when they have been married to a Korean spouse and lived in Korea for an extended period. Yes, you can. But you have to meet some other requirements to […]

Firm Announcement of New Partner

[1st December, 2017] Yunjeong Hwang, an attorney at Korean Law, has joined, as a partner, Pureum Law Office(PLO). Ms. Hwang, A graduate of Sogang Law School, had worked for the law offices in Seoul, concentrating her practice in diverse fields including family, the internet crimes, and consumer protect law as well as civil act. Before […]

How to Become a Korean Citizen: The Special Naturalization Method

What is Special Naturalization? Special Naturalization has been established to allow for a variety of unique circumstances which Korean society would like to provide unique benefits regarding citizenship. People who have somehow served Korean society at large, or who have unique lineage or are have highly sought-after skills can all use this method for obtaining […]

How to Become a Korean Citizen: The Simplified Naturalization Method

Simplified Naturalization vs. Generalized Naturalization Simplified naturalization in Korea, despite its name, is only simple if you happen to have a very specific Korea-related family background or marital status. The general requirements for both of these categories are much the same as the general naturalization method. Applicants must be over the age of 19, must […]

How to Become a Korean Citizen: The General Naturalization Method (일반귀화)

This article is the second in a 4-part series on the Korean naturalization system and how to become a Korean citizen. Skip to the end for links to the other articles. General Naturalization Requirements   So you’re crazy about Korea and you’ve finally decided that you’d love to become a Korean citizen. There are a […]

How a Foreigner Becomes Korean: South Korea’s Naturalization Process

This article is the first in a 4-part series. Skip to the end of the article for links to the following 3 parts and more detailed processing information. Applying For Korean Citizenship & Its Benefits The South Korean passport consistently ranks as one of the most powerful passports to have, with it’s 2017 “Visa-Free Score” […]

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Don’t take that photo! How taking someone’s picture can land you in a Korean jail.

In most countries, photographers can take pictures in public and use them as they would like. Not so in Korea. While our photo-taking comrades abroad can enjoy ownership of the pictures they take, our photographer friends residing in Korea are subject to the Korean “Right to Face,” or “초상권.” The “Right to Face,” also called […]


Korean Labor Laws You Should Know

In recent years, Korea has experienced an influx of foreigners with working visas. Unfortunately, the quality of working conditions for foreign workers seems to have degenerated on an inverse scale every year. Therefore, it is important for expats to possess a fundamental knowledge of Korean Labor Laws. In being informed, you may better prevent potential […]

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Have You Been in Korea for 5 Years?

Have you been in Korea for 5 consecutive years? Do you know what F-2-99 Visa is? If you’ve been here for 5 years you should! F-2-99 Visa grants you residential status in Korea, thereby allowing you to stay long-term and work freely. If you meet the financial requirements, followed the laws and want to settle in Korea, consider changing […]

Closing schedule of PLO for May, Family Month

Hello Expats in Korea, Thanks for your steady support and rising interest in us. We plan to close the office for a few days for May, the Family Month as follows. 1st May(MON) (Labor day) : CLOSE 2nd May(TUE) : CLOSE 3rd May(WED) (Buddha’s birthday): CLOSE 4th May(THU) : OPEN 5th May(FRI) : OPEN If you wish to arrange a […]