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For those seeking a criminal defense lawyer Seoul, the legal experts at Pureum Law Office — led by certified Expert Criminal and Defense Attorney Simon D. Lee — are here to provide you with the best legal representation available. Our boutique law practice specializes in helping foreigners in South Korea with criminal defense. The English-speaking lawyers at PLO have extensive experience handling the kinds of cases foreigners often face.

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If you find yourself accused of a crime in the Republic of Korea (ROK), be sure to secure reputable legal representation as soon as possible. Simon D. Lee and his associates at PLO are experienced with handling the myriad types of cases foreigners in Seoul or throughout Korea may face, including accusations of rape, illegal drug use or importation, DUI, credit card fraud, failure to repay debt, unchastity & malicious desertion (anent divorce), and numerous others.

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If you’re in Seoul or the greater Seoul Metropolitan Area (SMA), our office is easily reached by public transportation, see our contact page for a map and directions.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Seoul Korea

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