Getting a Divorce in Korea for Foreigners

Getting a Divorce in Korea for Foreigners

Are you interested in getting a divorce in Korea for foreigners? We are experts at Divorce in Korea, especially for couples with one Korean spouse and the other a foreigner, but we can help any couple, no matter the nationalities involved, to untie the knot Korean style.

How long does it take to get divorced in Korea?

The time needed to divorce in South Korea depends on the two parties involved, with amicable, uncontested divorces obviously taking the least amount of time. Conversely, contested divorces can unfortunately drag on for months and perhaps even years depending on myriad factors, including children and division of property.

South Korean law proscribes three types of divorce:

 – Divorce by Agreement (합의이혼)

 – Divorce by Mediation (조정이혼)

 – Divorce by Trial (소송이혼)


Korean Divorce Lawyer

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Divorce Lawyer Seoul

Whether you’re in Seoul or anywhere on the Korean Peninsula, Divorce Lawyer Seoul is here to help.


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Korean Divorce Child Custody

The standards governing divorce and child custody in South Korea are subjective and judges are left to decide by using flexible standards. The Korean system imparts great power to judges, who are expected to be benevolent, forgiving and all-knowing. It is difficult for a father to obtain custody of his child in Korea if they are quite young. The mother’s consent or a history of abuse, neglect, or mental illness is typically required for the father to gain custody. As children grow, fathers have a greater chance of gaining custody of their child. When both spouses agree to a divorce, it can be finalized in a month or two, but if a divorce is disputed (e.g. for child custody), it can be up to 9 months before a decision is made.

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