Pureum Law Office Welcomes Two Esteemed Partner Attorneys to Its Distinguished Team


Pureum Law Office proudly announces the addition of two esteemed partner attorneys to its distinguished team.

Michael Park, boasting nine years of experience as the team leader of SPC’s legal department, established the law firm Yeong in 2022, where he served as a partner for a year. In April 2023, he joined Pureum Law Office as a partner, further elevating the firm’s legal expertise.

Austin Hong initially served as a partner at Pureum Law Office for three years starting in 2014, before accruing diverse experience at another law firm. In 2023, he made a triumphant return to Pureum Law Office as a partner, strengthening the team’s capabilities.

With the invaluable assistance of these two accomplished partners, Pureum Law Office is poised to deliver top-tier legal services to an even greater number of international clients. We extend our warmest support and encouragement as both partners embark on their new roles, confident that they will excel in providing exceptional legal counsel.

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