Pureum Law Office working hours during Chuseok holidays

Dear expats in Korea, we are wishing you happy Chuseok holidays!


Our office will be closed on Thursday (12th) and Friday (13th) and will be be open starting from Monday (16th), 9 AM.


Please also note that due to some of our staff going on vacation, there will be latency in responding to e-mails and calls during the period between Monday (16th) and Friday (20th).


풍요로운 한가위, 마음 넉넉하고 기분 좋은 추석 명절 보내시기 바랍니다!



39 thoughts on “Pureum Law Office working hours during Chuseok holidays

  1. Sisay Bekele says:

    Hello sir how are you!
    I have been living here in Korea for about 7 years with F2 visa and now am studying Korean language in KIIP program and completed level 4 and passed to level 5. Soon after I finished this levels I plans to apply for F5 visa but still I can’t get exact information about how much money should l have in my deposit or my annual income? Would you mind just give me clear picture of it?
    Thank you in advance

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