Acquisitive Prescription South Korea

Acquisitive Prescription: 20 Years Ownership

Acquisitive Prescription – South Korea

The client in this case of Acquisitive Prescription – South Korea had sold a parcel of land to person A, but the latter did not register their ownership rights. Meanwhile, person B contacted our client and said that A had agreed to the transfer of ownership rights of the property to B. Then, B asked our client for the necessary documents for the registration of ownership, and our client handed over the requested documents.

After that, B transferred the ownership to himself, and once A found out about this, he filed a lawsuit against our client, asking that the ownership be transferred to A, and then the latter filed a separate lawsuit against B, asking that the ownership registration act be rendered void.

In order to prevent our client from losing this case and having to pay litigation costs, the legal experts at Pureum Law Office (PLO) claimed that while it was true that the client had sold the parcel to person A, person B had occupied the land for over 20 years and had obtained the right of ownership through acquisitive prescription.

In the end, our client won the case and did not have to pay any litigation costs.

Depending on the case in South Korea, even when you appear to be losing, it may still be possible to win it on some other grounds, so regardless of what kind of lawsuit it is, it is possible to obtain a positive result if you do not give up and follow through with expert legal help.

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