Non-Indictment After Assault

Case study: Non-indictment after assault?

Non-indictment After Assault – Korea

The client in this case of non-indictment after assault was in South Korea under the US-ROK Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA status). This incident came about when the defendant was charged with assault after hitting (assault) a fellow attendee at a local Korean music festival. The victim wanted our client to be punished for the alleged assault, but the legal experts at Pureum Law Office (PLO) were able to persuade the victim to pursue a different, so both parties ultimately reached a settlement. Consequently, our client’s case resulted in a non-indictment after assault, which is the most reasonable result one could expect in such a situation.

Conclusion: It is possible to avoid indictment in South Korea, and thus criminal punishment as well, after being charged with assault.



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