Suspended Sentence

Case study: Suspended sentence for KRW 200 million in damages

Suspended Sentence – Fake Loan Agreement in Korea

The client in this case had a clean record, he did not have any previous convictions in the Republic of Korea (ROK). Nonetheless, he ended up committing a serious crime by creating a fake loan agreement and making a transfer of stocks behind the victim’s back, thereby interfering with that person’s business and causing the victim to incur damages that amounted to 200 hundred million Korean won (KRW).

Once we were engaged with the case, the legal experts at Pureum Law Office (PLO) put forth their best efforts and were able to settle the matter with the victim on behalf of our client, thus securing the suspension of imprisonment. Receiving a suspended sentence in this situation was probably the best possible outcome, and we along with the client were satisfied with the result.

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