De facto marriage breakup compensation

De facto Marriage Breakup Compensation

De facto Marriage and Divorce Korea


De facto marriage and de facto divorce in South Korea

The client was a foreign man who was engaged to a Korean woman who became pregnant, but after breaking up with the woman due to frequent quarrels, she was eventually sued for damages from the woman who had a miscarriage.

The woman used her parents to make various threats, such as threatening to kill the client, and while the client felt serious psychological pain, he was sued for damages by the woman.

Pureum Law Office proceeded with the lawsuit on behalf of the client, arguing strongly that the client was not responsible for the breakup of him and the woman or her having an abortion.

In the end, knowing that the other party could not win the lawsuit, she proposed mediation to our client, and according to the latter’s mediation, succeeded in mediating with the other party with an appropriate amount, and was able to solve the issue.


De facto marriage breakup compensation

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