Special Assault case Dismissed(Soju bottle thrown at person)

Special Assault case Dismissed


The client is a U.S. Army specialist and is subject to the SOFA agreement, but the case occurred outside of work, and the Korean Criminal Code was applied.

The client was drunk and had an argument with Koreans on the street, threw a bottle of soju at a Korean, and was arrested at the police station for a special assault and then interrogated.

Pureum Law Office did their best to assert that the client had no intention of assault and that the crime was accidental while intoxicated.

Immediately, PLO contacted the victim and induced an agreement between the victim and the client. In the end, the victim agreed that the client would not be punished, and in the end, the police closed the case at the police level without forwarding the client’s case to the prosecutors’ office.


Special assault case dismissed

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