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How to Apply for the Korean F-5 Visa While on a Spousal Visa (F6)

How to Apply for Korean F-5 Visa While on a Spousal Visa (F6)

One of our most common inquiries is whether someone can apply for the F-5 visa if they have been married to a Korean and lived in South Korea for an extended period. Yes, you can, but you still must meet other requirements.

Korean F-5 visa


Korean Permanent Residency Point System

It is Korea’s “permanent residency” visa and it allows its holders to never again have to visit immigration to renew their visa, and is valid regardless of future marital status, financial status, etc.

How do I get a Korean F-5 visa?

There are a few ways to receive an F-5 visa, but the most common is by having been a married Korean resident for an extended period of time. You can also get one after having worked in Korea for an extended period of time, having invested and resided in Korea for an extended period of time, etc. We will discuss those methods in future articles.

F-5 visa requirements when applying via marital status & residency

Here is a complete list of the requirements necessary to receive an F-5 Visa:

1. Current Marital Status

Your marriage must be valid at the time of application unless you can submit a court decision where the court has acknowledged either 1) a divorce where your Korean spouse is 100% at fault or 2) recognizing your custody of your Korean children. If you divorced under either of these conditions are still eligible for the F5.

2. Long-term Korean Residence

You must have lived in Korea for 2 consecutive years or more on the F-6 marital visa.

3. Financial Means

You and/or your spouse must have demonstrable assets totaling KRW 30 mil. or more. This money could be in a bank account, be a deposit for housing, or some other relatively liquid financial asset. You also may show immigration the document showing your steady income such as a certificate of employment or bank record of continuous deposit as a salary.

4. A Crime-Free Background

A criminal background check can be obtained from either a police station or prosecutors’ office.

5. A Current Domicile

Document proving your residence at a Korean domicile, such as lease agreement under you or your spouse’s name.

6. Proof of an Understanding of Korean Language & Culture

This is most commonly proven with TOPIK test results of Level 4 or higher or Certificate of completion of the Korea Immigration and Integration Program (KIIP). Please note, that TOPIK test results were only accepted by Korea Immigration until March 31, 2019. Since that date, only KIIP certificates (level 5 and higher) have been valid.

These are the basic requirements, but other documents may be requested by immigration based on your situation. For questions contact the Korean Immigration Hotline at 1345.

Most people have time to handle this on their own, but if you’d like to hire us to handle the details for you, send us an email at simon@pureumlawoffice.com or click on “Contact Us” above.


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35 thoughts on “How to Apply for the Korean F-5 Visa While on a Spousal Visa (F6)

  1. Adam says:

    I’m holder of F2 visa and I m leaving in Korea during 3 year cause my wife she holder of F5 visa and I’m making over 28.000.000 won beer year do I have any chance to got F5 visa

  2. Mani Ganesh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am holder of E1 visa currently working in a Korean university, i did my PhD in Korea, after my PhD i am working here from 2016 to till date. is i am eligible for to apply F-5 visa? My current wages is about 2.6 million/month. please advise me in my case

  3. Ali says:

    Good day
    I am living in south korea with a D8 visa and this is my 5th year here..can i apply for a f5 visa after completing 5years ? I will be really thankful for your answer..

  4. Simon D. Lee, Esq. says:

    Hello this is a lead lawyer, Simon D. Lee.
    We were not aware of your comments above and we sincerely apologize for not being responsive on time.
    Please send me email regarding your individual inquiry. I will answer to you directly.


  5. Toan says:

    In case I get f5 visa, and then I have a business in other countries and live there for a while. But I still show up in korea a short time (may be a month or less) every 2 years due to the Korea law to keep my f5 visa then leave. Is it possible?

  6. Jenny says:

    Hi good day
    i have E6 visa and im pregnant now with the korean but were not married . He was runaway when he knowsim pregnant . What should i do ? I want to stay here in korea . Please help me
    Thank you

    • Ayu says:

      F6 visa holder but already divorced is there other way to change my visa status like g1 btw the reason of my divorce is agreement both party agree to divorce we have different mind no ones fault but I’m lack of knowledge in law in korea and it’s culture but i still wanna stay in korea and change my visa status to be legal here reason is i have no family in my country

  7. Teresita says:

    Hi.sir/man..im f6 visa holder and living almost 9years here in korea..i devorced with my korean husband 5 years ago..my question is..do i had a chance to change my visa from f6 to f5..i can extend my visa alone because the court allows me to extend it yearly ..but its getting me tired to go in the immigration every other years..i just want to ask what documents that i need to prepare for applying f5 visa..thanks for ur response hoping to get ur answer regarding my concern. .thank u and have a good day always..

  8. Katherine Lustre says:

    Good day, i am Filipina and a f6 visa holder.. I’ve been living in Korea for about 4 consecutive years with my Korean national spouse.. I have 3 Korean national babies but my first child have disability.. He is visually impaired.. Can i get f5 visa even i dont have any knowledge of Korean language? I can’t study because I have to prior takong care well my 3 babies specially ky first baby which is visually impared.. Hope to get a positive response about this query..

  9. Katherine Lustre says:

    Good day, i am Filipina and a f6 visa holder.. I’ve been living in Korea for about 4 consecutive years with my Korean national spouse.. I have 3 Korean national babies but my first child have disability.. He is visually impaired.. Can i get f5 visa even i dont have any knowledge of Korean language? I can’t study because I have to prior taking care well my 3 babies specially my first baby which is visually impaired.. Hope to get a positive response about this query..

  10. Renante says:

    I applied f5 visa already but I am failed my korean language is not good the immigration says…I can understand and speak korean but not too good…why they don’t give me f5 visa??? I am 13 years already here in South Korea…have one child…I am tired being bullied always…why it’s so difficult to them to give me an f5 visa???

  11. Pastor Jack Springer says:

    I hold an F-1 visa and would like to change it to an F-5. I have lived in South Korea from 2010-2012, and 2013 to present. I am an missionary from the United States and would like to be able to permanently stay here. I am financially stable due to my military retirement, VA disability, and SSA. Please advise what my course of action could be.

    • Kay says:

      I am a American and i have lived in korea on a F6 for 4 years. My husband is korean, and we have a 2 year old son. If i was to get a divorce, could i apply for the F5 visa? I dont want to leave korea because i wasnt my son to continue to see his mommy and daddy. What would happen if i was divorced?

  12. Samran Ali says:

    I have G1 visa I know G1 can’t change anyother visa but I want some infrmassion how long be stay here for refugee status because I can’t go back I really dangerous my life Pakistan o don’t want any visa but I am secard may be after 1 and 2 yers cancle my visa I am from Pakistan….

    • Simon D. Lee, Esq. says:

      Thank you sir for your question. Since we are getting a lot of inquiries regarding the possibility of getting a refugee status in Korea, we will try to give a short explanation here.
      If you have a real reason for receiving a refugee status, you will be able to get it even if you were rejected at the Immigration Office. It means that if you are a real refugee but the Immigration Office still did not recognize you as such for some reason, it is always possible to bring an administrative action against it and change its decision, which will in effect grant you the desired refugee status.
      Therefore, the most important thing you should do, is to make sure that you really are a refugee in need of an asylum and that you have enough evidence to prove it in the court of law.

      • Fariiq says:

        Dear Simon,
        You have explained very well. 99% of the Pakistani People are applying fake G1 visa. I am Pakistani and there is no such danger upon which they are applying. They are liars. Specially Now days you can visit and everywhere jn Pakistan. These people are actually get visa after picturing bad impact of Pakistan. So please be aware of them.Thanks

  13. Naren says:

    Currently Iam holding e9 visa and it will expire on March 1 , I can’t go home now because iam involved in a lawsuit with a korean who broked my finger and abusing me physically, I have reported it to police and the case is going on , the convict is is not ready to pay me even hospital expenses and want to drag case further to court I underwent surgery and paid 40,00000 won from my account , I need to change visa to fight the case please can you tell me if I can work if I change the visa and if I could further change it to other visa like f6?

  14. Jason says:

    I currently pass all of the requirements except for the KIIP which I have never taken. I would guess my ability is about TOPIK 3 from practice tests I’ve taken. Is there any way the KIIP would be waived?

  15. BENNETT, SAMMY LEE says:

    I am a US Citizen residing in Korea for about 30 years with a Tourist Visa. I want a permanent Resident Visa (F5) if that is possible. Please advise as soon as possible. Thanks!

  16. Natasha says:

    I have had the F-6 visa since 2016 and am currently in an ongoing marriage with a Korean national. As I am working full time, it is difficult to do the KIIP class. Are there any exemptions for the F-5-2 or is there a list of points for a visa that I can check to see if I can meet?

  17. adam says:

    Hello, I m from Tunisia, a student holding d4 visa in which it will end soon. I cannot go back my country due some personal and family’s issues. So plz what type of temporaries visa I can apply

  18. David says:

    I have a F6 visa but no Korean language skill because I got F6 before the language requirements started. So, can I change my F6 to an F5. Can you help me do this? This would also solve my other problem which is I am visiting friends and unexpected circumstances emerged so that I may not be able to return to Korea until a few days after my F6 expires (as stated on the back of my ARC). Could you also help me with that?

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