How to Become a Korean Citizen: Korean Special Naturalization (3 Categories)

Become a Korean Citizen: Korean Special Naturalization


What is Special Naturalization?

Special Naturalization has been established to allow for a variety of unique circumstances which Korean society would like to provide unique benefits regarding citizenship. People who have somehow served Korean society at large, or who have unique lineage or are have highly sought-after skills can all use this method for obtaining Korean nationality. Unlike the first two methods, three of the most remedial requirements (Korean residency, adulthood, financial stability) are not a factor in the decision-making process. The implication being that the candidate must still be lacking a criminal record and have an understanding of Korea’s language and culture.


Korean Special Naturalization Categories


  1. Foreigners with one biological parent of Korean nationality. 

    Children of those permitted naturalization may apply for special naturalization regardless of their residence period, age or marital status.

  2. Meritorious Deeds (Involved in Independence Movement, etc.)

    Meritorious deeds are defined in Article 4 of the Law Related to the Honorable Treatment and Support of Those Involved in Meritorious Deeds for Korea.

  3. Extremely Special & Desired Talents

    Those candidates who are extremely talented in science, economics, culture, or sports are eligible and their talents are considered in the national interest.

While historically this method of becoming Korean has been reserved for the children of Koreans and war heroes, it is also increasingly being used for athletes who are looking to compete in the Olympics or some other international competitions as Korean citizens. From hockey players to basketball players, athletes of all stripes that can help Korea take the gold are also receiving Special Naturalization. While Pureum Law Offices can help you with almost all immigration issues, this is one case where if the Korean government hasn’t approached you already, we’re not likely to be able to help you become an internationally competitive athlete.

Korean Special naturalization
Become a Korean Citizen

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    Begining of this year I had applied for the Korean Citizenship and had submitted all 5he required documents. Unfortunately My koran communicating skills is very poor and Basic. So I got failed in the Korean interview test. I would like to know if there is a possibility were you can provide me your service for assisting me in reapplying for the citizenship and for a speedy process. Thank You

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